Changing the Name of a Private Limited Company


As your private limited company evolves, its name may no longer accurately reflect its vision, mission, or target audience. Changing your company name can be a strategic decision to rebrand, expand into new markets, or simply improve brand recognition.

Apply for a Name Availability Check

Submit Form INC-1 to the ROC (Registrar of Companies) to check if the desired new name is available.

Pass a Special Resolution

Convene a board meeting and pass a special resolution by a majority vote of shareholders to approve the name change.

File Form INC-24

Submit Form INC-24 along with the required fees and documents to the ROC. This form includes the new name, special resolution, and other relevant details.

Obtain Approval

The ROC will verify the documents and approve the name change if everything is in order.

Publish Notice

Publish a notice in a newspaper and the official gazette announcing the name change.

Update Documents

Update all company documents, including certificates, contracts, and bank accounts, with the new name.


Changing the name of your private limited company involves a formal process with specific legal requirements. By understanding the procedure, preparing the necessary documentation, and adhering to the prescribed timelines, you can ensure a smooth and successful name change for your company.


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